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Problems of Disabled Students in Rajshahi University
Rajshahi University is the largest university in North Bengal. About hundred of disabled students are study in here. But university's atmosphere is not supported for them. This report presented by our reporter Shahjalal Shamol.
Divisional Nazrul Convention
In memory of Kazi Nazrul Islam - the rebel poet of Bengal, the national poet of Bangladesh, and more truly a world poet- a convention was arranged recently in Rajshahi with the intent to disseminate his large body of acclaimed works. Our reporter Rakibul Hasan Rajib has produced this report.
Bangkok Climate Talks Urges Countries to Come Out of Self Interest
The two weeklong Bangkok Climate Talks concluded on 9th October with urged the countries to come out of self interest to reach a fair and equitable climate agreement in Copenhagen in coming December next. This report presented by Jannatul Ferdous Ruhi and produced by G M Mourtoza.
Declaration of Kathmandu Vision to Prevent Climate Change in South Asia
Kathmandu regional conference held in order to combat climate change in South Asian countries concluded with the declaration of unanimous Kathmandu Vision of bringing the rivers originated from the Hiamalyas under a basin based management. Our editor G M Mourtoza has produced this report for you.
Rich Nations Should Bear Burden of Climate Change
Scientists and researchers at a dialogue in Rajshahi on Monday categorically stated that the industrial and richer nations are responsible for the climate change and they should take effective decisions right now to face the adverse impact of climate change and other environmental degradations. This report presented by our program organizer Mostafizur Rahman Gony.
Climate Change Situation of Bangladesh
Dear listeners we are interviewing renowned climate change expert Mr. Ziaul Hoque Mukta, from Oxfam Bangladesh, to know detail climate change situation of the country. Our program coordinator Marufa Jahan Jami has produced this report for you.
Indigenous Leaders Demand Proper Justice against Alfredís Killers
A renowned indigenous leader Alfred Soren has killed by land graver on 18th August 2000. A case has filed against the killers but they donít have arrested. Our reporter Manik Soren has produced this report.
Journalism Education and Profession
The Journalism Alumni Forum of Rajshahi University (JAFRU) organized a seminar at RU senate hall on Saturday. The title of the seminar was Journalism Education and Profession. The program was jointly supported by knowledge centre CCD Bangladesh and Watchdog Bangladesh. Our Program Coordinator Jannatul Ferdous Ruhi has covered the seminar and produced this report for you.
Basic Radio Journalism Training
Recently a training course on Basic Radio Journalism has successfully concluded in Rajshahi. Knowledge centre CCD Bangladesh organized this training course in collaboration with WACC. A total of 37 delegates from different indigenous communities are taking part in the training course. Our Program Coordinator Marufa Jahan Jami has produced this report for you.
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