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Radio Desh Dot Com is the first news based online radio in Bangladesh. Programs, features and investigative reports on different issues including socio-economic, cultural, human rights, good governance, educational affairs of Bangladesh are broadcast through this radio. As an alternative to corporate and commercial media, it is a non-commercial initiative, which is established to ensure the use of information technology for the welfare of the mass people. The revolution of information technology has just started in Bangladesh and the government has started working to make a digital Bangladesh. As the first news based online radio, it is certainly a part of the progressive effort to make Bangladesh a digital country. Because, this online radio has already started significant activities through a nice combination of multi-media, web technology and journalism and the Bengali speaking communities living in different countries in the world have started enjoying its benefit.

Goal of RadioDesh:
Due to several causes, the main stream media do not cover many issues and do not reach many areas. That is why, the voice of many marginalised and unprivileged communities and their problems and potentials are not reflected in the main stream media. Radio Desh is working mainly to remove this gap.

One of the objectives of setting up this online radio is to raise the voice of the marginalised people and to give the voice of the voiceless people to the media. Through this online radio, it is tried to highlight the issues which are uncovered and untouched by the mainstream news media.

Another main objective of Radio Desh is to inform the Bengali speaking communities living in different countries in the world of the data and information related to the day-to-day events and happenings of Bangladesh, so that they can be updated about the situation of Bangladesh.

Our Strategy:
It is earlier said that it is tried through this online radio to cover and highlight mainly those issues which are uncovered and untouched by the mainstream news media. For example, the weal and woe, worry and joy and problems and potentials of the indigenous, transgender, homo-sexuals, Dolit communities are focused through this radio and at the same time the problems and potentials of the marginalised and grassroots communities are also highlighted through different programs, features and investigative reports. The main reason of focusing the problems of the marginalised and unprivileged communities is to inform and draw the attention of the state policy makers, politicians, intellectuals and civil society representatives to these issues and to conduct advocacy and lobby for the development and welfare of these backward communities, so that these top-level opinion leaders and policy makers are encouraged to take initiative and development programs for these unprivileged people.

Our Team:
This online radio is conducted by a group of skilled and committed young activists and artistes who are well-trained on long term radio journalism, radio program production and online journalism. Almost all of them are students. These students are working here as volunteers with the commitment of doing something good and beneficial for the interest and welfare of the unprivileged and marginalised people of the country. In other words, it can be said that Radio Desh is working for building up skilled manpower on multi-media, web technology and online journalism, who will work in the coming days as a supportive force in making Bangladesh a digital country.

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